Five Oaks Riding Stables Pledge for Our Horses

We pledge to ensure that our horses have the care and support
needed for a long and productive life by…

  • Providing a balanced diet that is appropriate for the age and size of the horse
  • Providing the horses with a more than adequate water supply continuously through the day
  • Providing immediate veterinarian services when needed and medications when needed
  • Ensuring that our horses have appropriate ferrying services on a regular schedule
  • Stocking new saddle pads and equipment for our horses
  • Grooming our horses when needed, including brushing, trimming, and cutting manes and tails
  • Allowing our horses to run free over 70 acres during the evening and overnight, allowing “ horses to be horses”
  • Giving adequate rest periods and water breaks between guided tours
  • Providing, during the slow season, off property experiences for our horses at other locations
  • Monitoring all equipment, such as, saddles, harnesses, and bridles, for our horses’ comfort
  • Watching, continuously, the weather conditions so that our horses have a safe trail to walk
  • Monitoring weather and trail conditions to make decisions on weight restrictions of guests, keeping our guests and horses as safe as possible (guest weight maximum of 270 and wet trail guest weight maximum of 225)
  • Selecting the appropriate horse for each individual guest
  • Grooming the trail often to keep it debris free and easily passable
  • Hiring and training experienced guides that support the horses and the high standards of Five Oaks Riding Stables